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Why hello there! :)

-I like boys who like girls who like to eat carrots :)
-I love music by  Jessie J, Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Mariannas Trench, One Direction and a lot more!
-I say random things unexpectedly
-I can be a good girl. (CAN)
-I always have to chew gum
-I love to read and write 
-I like Bluenotes' and Converse and and and and and and and and and and and....
-I like Batman
-I have a cellular device
-I absolutely LOVE to hug the floor
-I.Am. Filipino. Yes, I am a loud person
-I dislike people who are fake
-People who say 'K' all the time
-I like Unicorns
-I want an Iphone
-I want to go up to 2000 characters
-I don't have a checklist to complete
-I have braces. And I want them off. Now.
-I like to dance and sing, even though I fail at them both :)
-I am currently eating an orange 
- :(

Oh well! :) That's what you get for being lazy! Oh wait!

-I am lazy. Very lazy...
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