Hello all! I am now published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace! Just search Nicole Sturgill on those sites and you'll find me! He Followed Me Home, Hidden, Against Her Will, To Love a Wild Irishman, Breaking the Rules, Breaking Jacob, Breaking Down Defenses, Breaking Through to Sue, Breaking Boundaries and The McEllis Boys are all available for purchase!! I had the links on my profile but ran out of room for them!  I'm from a small town in middle of nowhere Kentucky. Writing lets me create and explore other worlds and escape from the day to day. I have three great kids and a husband who loves me and inspires me to create the men in my stories! 

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Published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, smashwords and Createspace 
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Published under the name Nicole Sturgill

Breaking the Rules (1st in breaking series)
Breaking Jacob (2nd in breaking series)
Breaking Down Defenses(3rd in breaking series)
Breaking Through to Sue (4th in the breaking series)
Breaking Boundaries (5th in breaking series)

The McEllis Boys

He Followed Me Home


To Love a Wild Irishman

Against Her Will

Small Town Love
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Heart of an Outlaw(manxman)

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Description: Gilliam Tomlinson had had to fight for every ounce of respect he had ever managed to gain from the Texas Rangers. His late father had been less than an honorable man and it seemed that despite Gilliam’s attempts to distance himself from that memor...

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Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

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She's on the run... They have to have her... because with twins she'll have twice the protection, twice...

Once Bitten: Twice Mad(coming soon to ebook and paperback)

Once Bitten: Twice Mad(coming soon to ebook and paperback)

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America 1887 Times have changed. The country that was once booming, growing and thriving is now a waste...

The Mark of the Hunter (Fourth in 'Lone Wolf' Series)

The Mark of the Hunter (Fourth in 'Lone Wolf' Series)

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The Mark of the Hunter (fourth in ’Lone Wolf’ series) Maggie has spent her life surrounding by he...

Lone Wolf (First in Lone Wolf Series)

Lone Wolf (First in Lone Wolf Series)

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Set in the 1860's or so! The life of a lone wolf is a dangerous one. Holding onto your territory without...

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you have not been exposed to a radioactive gas leak (at least I hope not), you are not hallucinating nor are you dreaming! I actually just posted a new chapter of 'Heart of an Outlaw'! This story will be my focus until i finish, then I'll focus on 'The Mark of the Hunter'. Hopefully I'll get both done within the next month or so! My health is 100% again finally and I'm feeling much more like my old self! Thanks for all your patience and understanding! Love y'all! 

hey y'all! It is taking far longer to rewrite and work on Saving the Gunslinger than I had planned. As it turns out, it needed A LOT more work than i had realized! So.... I'm going to put it on the back burner and work on it when i have spare time here and there. I'm going to get another story ready that won't need as much work and send it to the publisher. While doing that, i'm going to get back to work on 'The Mark of the Hunter' and 'Heart of an Outlaw' so expect an update to at least one of them in the next day or two :)
Excerpt from 'Once Bitten Twice Mad'! Don't forget, only one more week before you can purchase your own ebook or paperback copy! 

“I’m sorry Miss Charlotte,” Silas said with true regret. “I know it ain’t right for me to love you. I’m a colored man and you’re a white woman and they say it’s wrong for me to love you… I tried to tell my heart it ain’t right… but it turns out my heart is colorblind since it met you.”
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I'm sorry... i wrote this story a long time ago.. that's my only excuse. I've grown as a writer since then and no longer use 'matter of factly' in any of my stories. Thank you for reading.
*Excerpt from 'Once Bitten Twice Mad' available for purchase in ebook and paperback January 30th***

Colt fired another shot into the man’s back but still the man just screamed and then turned toward Colt. Colt caught a flash of metal on the man’s hand and recognized his neighbors ring. 
“Wallis?!” he demanded. “Wallis what the hell happened to you?!” Wallis simply let out another one of those muffled ‘Gnaaas!’ and stumbled toward him, gnashing his teeth. 
“COLT!!!” Sarah’s voice cut through the night and Colt looked toward the cabin to see more jerking, stumbling figures entering through the open door. 
“Sarah!” Colt cried. He felt something tug on his leg, as he lay on the ground and realized that Wallis had grabbed his pants leg. Colt kicked out with his other foot, catching Wallis in the face but if it fazed the crazed man then it didn’t show. 
Wallis lowered his face toward Colt’s calf and Colt realized with horror that the man was trying to bite him. He fired a shot into Wallis’s head and the man released his hold on Colt and fell into the dirt. 
“Note to self: aim for the head,” Colt mumbled and then he heard Sarah scream again and he jumped to his feet and raced toward the cabin.