Hello all! I am now published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace! Just search Nicole Sturgill on those sites and you'll find me! There's a list of stories down below that are available on those sites :)  I'm from a small town in middle of nowhere Kentucky. Writing lets me create and explore other worlds and escape from the day to day. I have three great kids and a husband who loves me and inspires me to create the men in my stories! 

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Published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, smashwords and Createspace 
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Published under the name Nicole Sturgill

Breaking the Rules (1st in breaking series)
Breaking Jacob (2nd in breaking series)
Breaking Down Defenses(3rd in breaking series)
Breaking Through to Sue (4th in the breaking series)
Breaking Boundaries (5th in breaking series)

The McEllis Boys

He Followed Me Home


To Love a Wild Irishman

Against Her Will

Small Town Love

Once Bitten Twice Mad
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The Wild Life of Felicia Wilder

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Description: My name is Felicia Wilder. I am what you could call strange. Ever since I was a small girl I have been able to communicate with the dead. Don’t believe me? I just had lunch with Frank Sinatra. How’s that for proof? As a twenty-two year old woman I...

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Small Town Love(available in ebook and paperback)

Small Town Love(available in ebook and paperback)

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*** All places and people in this story are fictional. Any similarities or parallels to real people, pla...

conleyswifey commented on Breaking Her Silence - Chapter Twelve

I think that Violet will have a definite problem with this newest revelation! I can't see her being very happy to have her friends no longer in her life! (though, honestly, for three sexy werewolves i could probably learn to cope with that lol). Can't wait to read more! I truly do love this story and think you're doing great with it! Great update ;) haha!

                “She wouldn’t have sent me to prison. She values her life much,” Joseph spat. “But you have to help me find her.”
I read back through comments and i can't seem to figure out where you got the impression that I only want praise anyhow. All i said was to not bother pointing out the typos and such because this is a rough draft and there are too many to worry about! When, or if, i decide to publish this series then I'll edit and clean them up. Not sure how everything got turned around but oh well. It is what it is.