Hello all! I am now published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace! Just search Nicole Sturgill on those sites and you'll find me! There's a list of stories down below that are available on those sites :)  I'm from a small town in middle of nowhere Kentucky. Writing lets me create and explore other worlds and escape from the day to day. I have three great kids and a husband who loves me and inspires me to create the men in my stories! 

You can follow me on facebook for updates about publishing, releases, chapter updates on wattpad as well as just talking and getting to know one another!

I have an author page with dream big publishing! On this page you can find links to all the stories that are available for purchase!


Link to all my published works on amazon

Published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, smashwords and Createspace
(paperback and ebook versions available!)
Published under the name Nicole Sturgill

Breaking the Rules (1st in breaking series)
Breaking Jacob (2nd in breaking series)
Breaking Down Defenses(3rd in breaking series)
Breaking Through to Sue (4th in the breaking series)
Breaking Boundaries (5th in breaking series)

The McEllis Boys

He Followed Me Home


To Love a Wild Irishman

Against Her Will

Small Town Love

Once Bitten Twice Mad

Innocence and the Outlaw
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Heart of an Outlaw(manxman)

Social data: 304K reads. 14.7K votes. 926 comments.

Description: Gilliam Tomlinson had had to fight for every ounce of respect he had ever managed to gain from the Texas Rangers. His late father had been less than an honorable man and it seemed that despite Gilliam’s attempts to distance himself from that memory...


Other Works by conleyswifey.
Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

995K 40.1K 3K

She's on the run... They have to have her... because with twins she'll have twice the protection, twice...

Mature Completed
The Wild Life of Felicia Wilder

The Wild Life of Felicia Wilder

14.5K 1K 96

My name is Felicia Wilder. I am what you could call strange. Ever since I was a small girl I have been a...

Savage Intentions (2nd in Savage Series)

Savage Intentions (2nd in Savage Series)

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2nd in the 'Savage' series. Hawke and Lily have everything they wanted. A family with their daughter, Al...

#206 in Historical Fiction
Innocence and the Outlaw(will be available for purchase April 3rd)

Innocence and the Outlaw(will be available for purchase April 3rd)

287K 3.2K 183

***Only the first three chapters are available on wattpad! The rest of the story will be available for p...


I haven't updated because i've been doing an indepth rewrite of an entire series for my Publisher. I have told this to everyone through my message board more than once. I am on the fourth and final in that series and as soon as i have it done, i will be getting back to working on wattpad material. You can have patience, or you can delete. But i kinda hope you choose patience.
Kuriocity posted a message to conleyswifey
Athough the lone wolf series I'd apparently old. It has held me more than any other book I've read I'm my life...Anytime I try to read another book I'm like wait I have to finish lone wolf our any of the other lone wolf books first. I have one book left and I'm looking forward to reading more of your books
Hello I am a huge fan and I stated reading your book country spirit and I know i shouldn't have because I usually only read finished books to avoid this problem, but I love all your books and I was wondering if you would mind updating, if not that's okay but if so I will be forever grateful
      Thanks, a loving fan :) :) 
Hey y'all.. I have a couple announcements to make! First, I will be removing all but the first three chapters of each book in The Outlaw Series. That series included. 'Give my Love to Rose', 'Give my Heart to Kaitlyn', 'Give My All to Jessie' and 'Give My Soul to Carol'. Those are what i've been working so hard on rewriting! I'll be removing them Friday July 10th! 'Give My Love to Rose', the first in that series, will be available for purchase August 14th in ebook and paperback forms. 
      My other announcement is that I am nearly done with all rewrites and am hoping to be back to working on Heart of an Outlaw within the next two weeks or so! 
      Thanks for your patience as i've worked at rewriting the series! 
      love y'all