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The 12 steps…

Step 1 - Admitting we have a flaw.

Hi my name is Chris Lowen, my user name is clowen “pronounced C. Lowe *like owe* -n” and I am a terrible writer.

Step 2 - Coming to the realization that there is a chance to restore sanity.

I admit that I am terrible at presentation when presenting rough drafts.  I also admit that my grammar is atrocious.  And most importantly I admit that my writing quality is along the level of a child than of an adult.

Step 3 - Having to make the decision to turn our creative life and will over to another.

I solemnly promise to turn my creative life and will over to another in order to obtain what I desire most.

Step 4 – Craft a thorough, daring, and moral creative inventory of ourselves.

I promise to post one in due time.

Step 5 – Admitting to friends, family, strangers, and most of all to ourselves of our wrongdoings.

I am currently doing so and I will get to the rest of the steps in due time.

Step 6 – Preparing ourselves to ask another to strip us of our defects.

Step 7 – Humbly ask them remove our shortcomings.

Step 8 – Create a list of everyone harmed by your works, and preparing to make amends to each one.

Step 9 – Make direct atonement to those persons, except when doing so would harm them and/or others.

Step 10 – Remain vigilant of wrongdoings and continue our inventory, admitting each as it presents itself.

Step 11 – Keep in contact with our other.  Allow for questions about their knowledge on the matter at hand to be asked, along with realizing how to perform these newfound ways and ideas properly.

Step 12 – Having allowed for an awakening as a result of these steps, we strived to convey this message to all other writers, and shall make these a part of our routine in all our writing affairs.


Drops of Intelligence

Drops of Intelligence

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These blogs are like fresh water during a storm the intelligence drops along with randomness. It'll be a bumpy ride so make sure to hang on if you choose to partake.
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Portrait of the Eternal

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Chain of Production

Chain of Production

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At times sith happens, and because of this only a few escape the power of the dark side.
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The Ghetto Contest

The Ghetto Contest

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What to say...just enter if you dare.
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The Shooter

The Shooter

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Seeds of Insanity

Seeds of Insanity

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Average Girl + Hunky Prince

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