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Hola peeps! 

Thanks for stalking...cause it's not creepy at all... o.O
We are clichesRus.
We = Dani and Erin.
Dani is the coolest of the uncool.
Erin is the uncoolest of the cool.
We fucking rock.
Bow down and show some love. XP

Cool Peeps=
 @gunsandguitars - Our little AmbiBambi/favorite sister
 @TwoCities - Erin's pervalicious hottie/dedicated online boyfriend. Be jealous. xD
 @JackkDaniels - Amazingness...if that were a word of course...
 @Mosiac - Our awesomely evil MIA First Mate
 @XxEpicallyAwesomexX - Weirdo friend :P
 @Olafferty - Awesomesauce
 @anasa17 - Dani's sexy heffa
 @Joshua2038 - Erin's little JoshyLackeyPoo/favorite brother

FYI - Anything that is a massively epic, hands down, holy shit wtf FAIL is now called a meebo fail. XD

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