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- A bit mad :Z
- 5'7" but a midget when i sit down...
- Find it easier to be friends with guys... girls are far too complicated
- Have a best friend named Riley... He's a pretty awesome guy
- My other best friend Lara is actually a writer herself :)
- I'm so uncoordinated it's not funny :/ (I trip on flat surfaces, over my own feet, and UP stairs - dont even get me started on running)
- I'm not really into dressing up all 'girly' and i would prefer to wear pants to dresses and skirt.
- I love meeting new people (if they are a little shy themselves) and thats why i signed up to wattpad. Everyone is very accepting... so thanks to all of you out there ^_^


     . . I'M PRICELESS . .

|...............|Put this on
|...............|your page if 
|............O|you ever 
I...............l have pushed
l...............l the door
               that said pull.

© L a b e l l e d  A w e s o m e n e s s ®

And I LOVE reading, so please feel free to leave me a message to take a look at any of your work. I may not get back to you straight away because I am in the process of moving to university, but i will try my hardest. <3
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To Catch A Werewolf.

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The Highlander's Touch