Date written 11/8/14
Name: Codie 
Sexual oration: Pansexual 
Dating Status: Single
If you have a book you want me to read feel free to pm me or leave it on my message board.  Also If you have any questions about my stories or anything else feel free to ask. 

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Young Love (boyxboy) EDITING!

Social data: 30.6K reads. 636 votes. 90 comments.

Description: ((WARNING!!! This book is very poorly written! it needs to be edited and I'm sorry if there's any triggering subjects in it I would prefer if you don't read)) After getting in to a um let's say sticky situation, Jay Winters is sent to rehab and is...


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My heart to give (Boyxboy) (hold)

My heart to give (Boyxboy) (hold)

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Unheard Screams boyxboy

Unheard Screams boyxboy

8.6K 206 52

Carson's life was perfect well as perfect as is could get with a abusive mother that's shoving pills dow...

To: Casa and Angie Happy birthday!

To: Casa and Angie Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday you guys, your my best friends and I love you guys! love, Codie