I am 16
      I am an Aussie 
      I do scouts for fun
      My favorite sport is sailing
      I go to Brigidine collage (stuffy catholic school where we get called ladies!)
      I write stories when i really don't care what the teacher is talking about
      I really want feedback so i can know if it is worth me keeping on posting
      I have blond brown hair an ongoing dispute between me and my friends
      I am relatively tall for my age
      I am or so i am told have a perfect body shape (i find it hard to believe) 
      I have freckles my least favorite part of my appearance 
      My eyes are ranging from blue to grey depending on the weather 
      My favorite genre of books are fantasy, fan fiction or what  ever my friends write!!!
      I hate shopping i'm sorry to those shopaholics out there i don't get the attraction 
      Strawberry ice cream and sprite spiders are the best
      Lamas are awesome
      Guys can be incredibly stupid (sometimes and this is relating only to the guys i have spent time with There may be some perfectly sane guys out there and if so i say kudos) 
      Crazy is cool
      Black is the new white (not that I'd know)
      Goth Rock is good music but can be supplemented with other genres (Within Temptation, We Are The Fallen...ect)
      Just because i can be called blonde doesn't mean i am stupid
      Just because i like to argue doesn't mean i am a bitch i just like my point to be understood.
      My favorite TV shows are crime dramas eg. Bones, NCIS, Castle and Mentalist
      My favorite books...anything that has words
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cjorgo commented on Boot Camp - Chapter Five

The exercises are all agonizing and when they make us end in a two minute plank, I can practically feel my whole body shaking. I collapse to the grass at the minute and a half mark. A few other girls...
my problem with plank is I get so bored....
cjorgo commented on Boot Camp - Chapter Five

"Our goal here is to strengthen and challenge you not kill you. Therefore we have an important rule: if you ever feel dizzy, physically sick or injured, you must tell your trainer immediately as to g...
@isabellesophie yea I've done it my record is 11.2 but that was in the middle of soccer and sailing season but after doing all that I felt really ill