Small facts about me-
      1. My name is Naomi
      2. I am Australian.
      3. I am a huge fan of reading (which should already by obvious). 
      4. Favourite books at the moment: Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Mortal Instrument series and fateful
      5. Favourtie movies: Madagascar, Avengers, Harry Potter, Ice age.
      6. I strongly dislike fan-fictions. No offense to those who do, but i don't believe they capture the right words or character for those they are writing about. 
      7. I am an editor here on wattpad. I have edited popular stories on here. If you would like an editor, send me an private message or send it to the following email with the description: n.naomihearts.naomi@gmail.com
      8. I can't help but critique stories i read on wattpad. I'll give up altogether if the writing is poor- despite how good or popular the story may be.
      9. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. Favourite characters are Fred and George Weasley. 
      10. I want to be a journalist and focus on the sport aspects.
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