My name is Chelsea I love hanging out with my friends texting and I play softball basketball run track and I am in band.  I didn't realize how much I actually like writing till I tried it and I may not be as good as most 
other writers but im trying my best and that 
counts for something.  I hope those of you 
who actually read my book enjoy it hope to 
get more fans and make more friends:) I am 
here for those of you who wanna give me tips. If you wanna talk pm me :)

For anyone who wants to say anything bad about my writing keep it to yourself please, but for those of you who want to give me some consructive criticism go right ahead just try not to be so harsh...thanks!!!

My goal is 10 fans
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It's Not A Competition If Your Winning!!!;)

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Description: Its about the game of love and friends end up wanting to be more than just that. They find out their true feelings but who will get their heart broken and who will be doing the braking hearts? This is about friends who come together hang out and j...