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harro everyone ( o n o )... my name is ************** you dont need to know my name :D  well here are things you should know about me... i speak japanese and english, im an artist not a writer but i will write stories because im also an animator and you know... story>storyboard>rough draft>animating. oh im a 3d animator not 2d... i feel 3d is easier for some reason.... no i will not show you my animations because i did not make any yet because i am soooooooo so so so lazy... oh yea... im not a huge fan of big words like anthropology or decapitation (well that word is ok) or .... yea i find it unnecessary to remember big words that i wont use everyday so yea... OH  my favorite words are chicken and mango pudding. mango pudding is the best. :D and im asian... yea... i be chinese :D apparently my parents arent proud of me because i cant speak cantonese... or mandarin... pfffftttt i can speak japanese so ha. 

i doubt anyone would steal my stories because theyre so simple and not detailed at all but if anyone does steal my stories, i will hunt them down and beat them up... WITH A TOILET PLUNGER AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA... rawr.


My Love, I Will Come Stalk You Again

My Love, I Will Come Stalk You Again

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 10, 2011PG-13
alice was slowly recovering from the trauma her stalker caused. then he comes back again and is confident that he will be together with alice. her stalker is about to ruin her life again, but alice isn't about to let him get away with it.
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@craponacrutch lol xD
My Love, I Will Come Stalk ...

@craponacrutch he's a very stubborn dude
My Love, I Will Come Stalk ...

@craponacrutch aw i know :D but i'm soooooo lazy, but thanks :D
My Love, I Will Come Stalk ...