HAI it's swann here! Just a few things you should know about me...
      I LOVE hetalia with all of my soul.
      I am going to be 14 in April of 2014
      I am a girl!
      I love vocaloid music and anime!
      I am an otaku!!
      A few good songs I like are:
      Angel with a shotgun
      Figure 8
      Cocaine- by nomy
      S.o.s ich liebe dich
      Ti amo!
      Anima libera
      Protégé moi
      Black rock shooter
      I like you, I love you
      And more that I can't think of... Verdammit!!
      I am also french but with my interest in hetalia I have decided to explore more languages. Since I am french that was my first language and English was my second. I live in America and have wonderful family and friends! 
      I love you russia
      *hugs him from behind*
      Russia: AHHH!
      Me: I'll never let anything hurt you Ivan!
      I'm starting 8th grade at my school so ill try a hard as I can to squeeze in answering your questions. 
      I hope this isn't boring you.
      Well BAAAAI love you all
      Je vous aime tous mes chers!!!
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