HAI it's swann here! Just a few things you should know about me...
I LOVE hetalia with all of my soul.
I am going to be 14 in April of 2014
I am a girl!
I love vocaloid music and anime!
I am an otaku!!
A few good songs I like are:
Angel with a shotgun
Figure 8
Cocaine- by nomy
S.o.s ich liebe dich
Ti amo!
Anima libera
Protégé moi
Black rock shooter
I like you, I love you
And more that I can't think of... Verdammit!!
I am also french but with my interest in hetalia I have decided to explore more languages. Since I am french that was my first language and English was my second. I live in America and have wonderful family and friends! 
I love you russia
*hugs him from behind*
Russia: AHHH!
Me: I'll never let anything hurt you Ivan!
I'm starting 8th grade at my school so ill try a hard as I can to squeeze in answering your questions. 
I hope this isn't boring you.
Well BAAAAI love you all
Je vous aime tous mes chers!!!
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Hey cherrytreekat, im the author of The Siblings Reunion and im here to inform you that i have transfered all my stories to this profile. I will continue from this profile, so if you dont mind, you can put the story in the profile into your library so that you can get the new updates. Thanks soooo much for liking my story. Hope you enjoy the others.