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Reading, for me, is a great way to forget about the sucky world we live in just for a few hours. That being said, we do have it much better than most of the characters in post-apocalyptic books (talking the Divergent series here). I can and will read just about anything but my favorite pool to float in is YA choked full of romance (though not cliches). My favorite books surprisingly so are based on Greek mythology, I cant get enough of the Greeks. I love to write but can never finish a story (beginning to think its a serious problem) so I have a folder full of about twenty documents with only about a dozen pages written. 

Once I'm done drowning in Exams, Prostatis will be having an overhaul and I will be posting a bunch of new stories wheeeee!

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Animal documentaries and period dramas make me happy.




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Raviva is a guardian angel. She wasn’t chosen; she was born into the system. She is now eighteen and has only just become Defteros which means she has started being assigne... read more
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