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Hi! I'm Cheezy and you are ? A what? A visitor . Oh yes a Visitor of my Page .

I'm a girl with a big glasses that is going second year . I am that girl in my display picture but that's not my real face.Since it is summer , I love to sleep and type anytime I want .  I love to eat , eat and EAT OREO COOKIES which is my nephew's oreo and just steal them from our refridgerator . I'm a girl who can't explain Clearly in english and tagalog because I'm Bisaya or what you mean some kinda WAH CANT EXPLAIN .

I'm Lazy . I'm fat but some told me I had the normal body which a teen can have . BUT I TOLD THEM I AM FAT . So what if that's my point of view , Okay?

In real life , I am different . I am silent , responsible and smart but here , I dont know maybe I'm just a normal girl in a normal world and never been treated like a barbie.

So here is the whole me ...

A bipolar cheezy dramatic entertaining freaky good hot impatient jolly keen lame mean nameless oblivious peaceful quacky righteous sarcastic truthful ugly vain waggish  X-Rated Zebra .  

My Idols here in wattpad Are :

I was once a tinierme addict , a meez addict, Facebook addict , Book addict , anime addict and always a COMPUTER ADDICT . I am not a geek okay? It's Just I LOVE COMPUTER . But I didn't mean I can't live without it but I cant live without money XD.

I love nigahiga and KevJumba and so as YTF . I love the song Bromance coz it is so Gay . Hahha!

Follow me on twitter :

Presenting my Gang!
♥ @yowHenna@teenagemusicgeek@ilaloveyouuu143@GuitarGurl15@futuristicdaydreamer@SuperGirl13@GlamourGirl65@isaisabookworm@cheezygurl44@bluelife14@JdlYram@kdta28

Gusto nio sali? Pwede !
"Feel free to vote , comment , be my fan, put my story in your library,promote my story"

Support my story :

It started with an accident (On going)

Diary ng Lechon (on going)


♥ It Started With An Accident ♥

♥ It Started With An Accident ♥

19 parts / 42 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012PG-13Pictures
♥Simple lang.Ito ay isang storya na tungkol sa isang babae na hinahanap ang kanyang soulmate pero instead na hahanapin niya ito ng tahimik ... read more
20,053 reads votes 232 comments 185
Diary ng Lechon

Diary ng Lechon

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012PGPictures
Oink! Tungkol po ito sa isang babaeng LECHON. Ano ba ang mangyayari ? Huh? Ewan ko. Proceed to the prologue . Thank you ! Oink!
2,977 reads votes 88 comments 118
My Labs , My Kevin Sy (FanFic)

My Labs , My Kevin Sy (FanFic)

4 pages, updated Mar 08, 2012GPicturesCompleted
||||||ONE SHOT n' FANFICTION||||| "Ako si Cheezy at idol na idol ko si Kevin Sy. Kailan nga niya ako mapapansin? Ngayon na! Hali ngayon na! Basahin niyo n... read more
349 reads votes 10 comments 13
[One Shot] Ms.Stalker confess to Mr.Validictorian

[One Shot] Ms.Stalker confess to Mr.Validictorian

2 pages, updated Feb 21, 2012GPicturesCompleted
A/N: S-H-O-T---S-T-O-R-Y---A-L-E-R-T-!-!-!-!-! Graduation na at dapat propropose ka na sa crush mo . Paano mo ba icoconfess feelings mo? Su... read more
1,020 reads votes 23 comments 28
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