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Dippin' Low: Story of Honey Dip (Private chapter Links):
http://www.wattpad.com/27039530-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-10?d=ud (10)
http://www.wattpad.com/26666709-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-7-side (chapter 7)
http://www.wattpad.com/27830753-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-12-easy( chapter 12)

Mr. Make Believe Private Chapters
http://www.wattpad.com/28766108-mr-make-believe-chapter-5-can%27t-do-no-wrong (chapter 5)

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Description: Cassandra Jones had big dreams growing up, the only one with any kind of dreams in her family. . She made good grades, stayed out of trouble and even graduated on time. But Her circumstances wouldn't let her leave so she stayed and became a stripper...

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Dippin' Low: A Girl Named Cassandra (Book 2)

Dippin' Low: A Girl Named Cassandra (Book 2)

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Before the tragedy, Before the death, Before the lies, Before the deception, Before the jealously, ...

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Mr. Make-Believe

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The Problem Child (ON HOLD)

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Student Services (ON HOLD)

Student Services (ON HOLD)

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"Mikayla?" I nodded my head. With a sigh of relief and a perfectly white smile he extended his beautiful...

"Apple bottoms, i'm diggin' it. Shirt real cute, I like how it's off shoulder and kind of loose. Where you get it from? Never mind, i'll figure it out. Let me see the shoes." I groaned in frustratio...
2006 sweetie, stated in the first chapter and the beginning AND end of this chapter sdo i have to make it bolder?
chaterboxxx commented on Waist Deep - |Chapter 1|

I'm seeing a lot of mixed feelings about POV but it depends on well you can execute both. Third person can be just as in-depth and well written as third person. It Just depends on well you want your readers to know the characters. If you mix the two, use it strategically. But this is a very good start and you have came such a very long way.
I hate telling a fan that one of their favorite books will not be updated anytime soon. It almost feels like telling a child he wont get any presents this year. breaks my heart. I'm sorry!
I know  I said I will be updating Sippin' Low: AGNC and Mr. Make-believe once a week, and I still am, but i'm in the process of moving. I Should have a chapter up by tonight but I can't make any promises