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So I've removed my stories from wattpad.

Why? It’s because I want to work on improving myself as a writer and I feel that most of the comments I’ve been receiving lately have nothing or little to do with the story (I know I say hi in my author notes but I don’t really expect you guys to highlight it to say “hi” back as a comment). And while it’s appreciated, “This is good. Please update,” isn’t really what I would call great feedback that’ll help me grow as a writer. The best part is if it isn't an "update now" comment, it's people forcing their stories down my throat because they have absolutely no shame in advertising themselves all over the place.

I have definitely saved my comments from all of you guys on my computer so I can always refer to them when I edit my stories and I am keeping my wattpad account open to support other writers on this site. 

With that said – IT IS NOT OKAY to post what I’ve taken down on wattpad or any other site. Just because it’s taken down doesn’t mean it gives you a right to post it as your own.

Stay in touch you guys! 
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