The names Cheyenne :] 

I love writing!
I love animals!
I'm terrible at coming up with names for characters. 
I have so many stories in my head that its hard to get them all out onto paper. 
I have a beautiful daughter that was born in January of 2014.
Writing and Reading helps me escape the real world for a while and enter a different reality. 

If you want to see my animals or the REAL Bebe from The Secret Life trilogy than click here ----> http://www.youtube.com/user/CheyBaybee?feature=mhum

Thanks xxx

Favorite quote: Happiness is a mood, not a destination. 
Supernatural quote: For vampires, death isn't the end, but the beginning of more death (:
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Heiress of Fire Series

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Description: Mae Lachlan was adopted by a very rich and influential family when she was just over a year old. Growing up rich had its perks...and then there was Aiden. Though he's only treated her as a younger sister, Mae has always had a crush on him. He was ol...

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To Love And Cherish

To Love And Cherish

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My Life, in Ruins

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This is a teen drama about a girl named Bree who tries to live a perfect life so nobody will figure out...

Dark and Dangerous Worlds

Dark and Dangerous Worlds

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The Secret Life - Sex and Blood anyone?

The Secret Life - Sex and Blood anyone?

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Cheyenne is a hunter. Jace is a vampire. And there is something in the town they both call home that...

ch3ybaybee commented on Captive - Chapter SIXTY-TWO

Ugh, still angry. Cedric is running the show and making all the decisions and she's rolling over like a loyal puppy like "yes sir, I'll do whatever you want" And I don't like the way her parents acted. I feel like Cedric forced them to be that okay.
ch3ybaybee commented on Captive - FIFTY-NINE

Its obvious Cedric only loves Aria because he doesn't want to die. & he is making her feel obligated to keep him alive/ Guilt love is not real love, they will not survive the trials.
ch3ybaybee commented on Captive - Chapter FIFTY-EIGHT

I stopped reading for a while because I'm really annoyed about how Aria acts like a possession and allows herself to be told what to do and when by Cedric. No offense to you, I'm sure you're doing this to make us have feelings like this (at least I hope that's not how you perceive a healthy relationship, lol) so I stopped reading. Now that you have quite a few more chapters up I'm catching up again and really hoping Aria grows a back bone. I'm keeping faith in the book! Don't let me down :P