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•I'm an animal lover
•My parents are divorced
•I have 1 cat and 2 dogs at my moms and 0 cats and 2 dogs at my dads
•I love wattpad
•I have a four year old sister and a 16 year old brother
•My cat is named celeste
•I love Invader Zim (especially Gir)
• I hate Apple it is.  

 /    ^         ^ 
│     ●     ●    │
│   ≡  ㅅ   ≡│


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!!  !!
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1 page, updated Jan 31, 2014
I wrote this short story as a hook for an essay and I'm proud of it
5 reads votes 0 comments 0
Short Horror Stories

Short Horror Stories

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 25, 2013
A compilation of the things I think of making me scared to sleep at nignt.
117 reads votes 0 comments 2
Joy Kills

Joy Kills

1 page, updated Apr 28, 2013
In 6056 then human population is overgrown, in an attempt to deal with the rapid population growth they inject newborn babies with a serum that can detect happiness. The second happiness is detected in high enough levels your head explodes.
7 reads votes 0 comments 1


2 pages, updated Jan 20, 2013
Kristen is exited for college. She meets the man of her dreams and they are inseparable but what will she do when she and her boyfriend witness a murder and all evidence points to Adam?
19 reads votes 1 comments 0
Obsessed (On hold)(Maybe not going to be worked on again)

Obsessed (On hold)(Maybe not going to be worked on again)

3 pages, updated Oct 30, 2012
Holly has been living in this town for her whole life; she is popular and loved by everyone. Close to her 16 birthday a boy moves in next ... read more
19 reads votes 1 comments 1

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