Cecilia Tan is the award-winning author of many stories, novels, books, and web serials. She is the recipient of the Romantic Times/RT Magazine Pioneer Award and the Career Achievement in Erotic Writing award. The author of Slow Surrender, Black Feathers, The Prince's Boy, the Magic University series, and many others, one of her best known projects is Daron's Guitar Chronicles, an ongoing webserial launched in 2009 that won the Rose & Bay Award for Crowdfunded Fiction in 2010 and has since spawned a line of audiobooks, ebooks, and two successful Kickstarters for the publication paperback omnibus editions.

Cecilia writes about alternative sexuality for all ages and erotic material intended for adults. Daron's Guitar Chronicles is suitable for older teenagers (16+).

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Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Vol 4

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Description: In Daron's life, it's 1989, his band Moondog Three is starting to take off, and although the closet door is open now, he's barely got one toe out. He's told his closest friends and bandmates that he's gay, and he's sworn off sleeping with his lead s...

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Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Vols 1-3

Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Vols 1-3

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Daron’s Guitar Chronicles tells the story of Daron Marks, a young gay guitar player, from about the time...

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Hey Wattpad followers! I corresponded with the folks at Wattpad HQ recently. Remember how you used to get an email notification every day reminding you that Daron's Guitar Chronicles was updated? We all thought notifications "broke" when they redesigned the site but they just told me no, actually, they just decided to stop sending them!
      So you no longer get a reminder each time we update. The annoying  thing about that is that read counts for a lot of authors, me included, have plummeted. I think maybe some followers simply assume we haven't been updating. But we have. EVERY DAY. 
      DGC will continue to update daily until we synch up with what has been posted over on the main DGC site: http://daron.ceciliatan.com -- and once that happens we'll mirror. 
      If you would like to be reminded of each new post, Daron's Twitter feed has a link each time a new Wattpad goes up: http://twitter.com/daron_moondog and so does his Facebook page.
      But right now it's easy to remember: new post every day. OK? :-) 
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      To just get the Daron's Guitar Chronicles newsletter (i.e joining the Moondog Fanclub): http://eepurl.com/-_Fxj