I'm caz,

I'm a Guidette & proud!!  

I'm 21, I live in England and i'm engaged to my first love that i have been with for six years...he is my everything and still rocks my world after all this time!

No one in my life really knows about my writing except for my fiance, and that suits me just perfect!
 oh and i don't take my writing seriously
...it's just abit of fun  :)

I have returned from my break and am working Animal Attraction, Fallen Soldier and soon Well Played :D

thank you for all the votes/comment/dedications/fans whilst i was away, it is very much appreciated!!! <3
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Game,Set,Match. (student/teacher)- The Watty Awards 2014

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Description: 17 year old Kelly had come to the conclusion that her love life was never going to be the exciting whirlwind she hoped. She had given up trying to find “love” and responded to the admiring stares of her fellow male students the only way she kn...

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Animal Attraction-The Watty Awards 2014

Animal Attraction-The Watty Awards 2014

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Kimberly Belton is the lead singer of the world famous band 'Kimbo Doesn't', at 19 years of age she is o...

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G.S.M Restricted Scenes (student/teacher)

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W.P Restricted Scenes

W.P Restricted Scenes

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I cannot bare to even begin reading Well Played, I haven't got the heart to read three chapters and then have to stop hahaha oh god two years is a long time, hope whatever you're doing is going well and hope I'll see a notification of an update in the near future ! the people who've waited two years are much stronger than I
bloody hell, I just finished reading G.S.M not even five minutes ago and I went to search for the highly anticipated sequel and I cried a little. I hope with every fiber of my being that you'll update again and haven't abandoned the story. I must find out what happens with Lewis and Kelly !!! xxx
ChampionDebby posted a message to cazeey
Restricted chapters of G.S.M can't be accessed on here, but it shows on your profile, did you delete it? if not, please help check why it's not showing to readers. Havn't started reading it, but it's in my liberary, waiting for the full package, not the half...lol. so please help check Y we have problem not getting it