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Okay so...I love to read but not so much to write. I'm a ginger, I love things that are funny, I hate grammar errors, and I have no favorite movie, color, or food, but I love Pride & Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly), Galaxy Quest, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My favorite song usually changes on a weekly basis, today it's I Will Survive by Cake. And I hate strawberries. I like art, and I'm a sucker for romances if they are well written. I have a completely rational fear of store clerks (why do they need to talk to me?) and libraries which is ironic because I love books. Both are creepy. So that's my life in a nutshell. :) Oh and I made that Patrick cookie. I cried when my dog ate it.

I feel like saying something inspirational so: everybody who's starting a story always asks if they should finish it or not and that they don't want to if nobody will vote. That's a really dumb idea. Has anybody ever discontinued a story because they got no votes? Probably. If you have, then listen to my theory: I think that people have soulmates. Not everybody meets theirs, and sometimes they die. Everybody has a soulbook. A book that was basically made for them. Some people have a lot of soulbooks and others just have one. Not everybody finds their soulbook. Every book has a soulreader and if you discontinue a story, you have stripped someone the right to read their soulbook because now they have no othe way to find it. You don't need to see the appreciation to know that people might like your story. Sure it helps, but maybe your books soulreader is like me and doesn't vote or comment because we want to finish the book so bad. So just do your best and write something someone would want to have for their soulbook. Do you feel inspired? Probably not but what the heck.


How Not to Write a Story

How Not to Write a Story

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Problems and things that people write that bug me. Read at your own risk. If you have a problem with what I say, stop reading and don't cuss at me.
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@KristieKloud I think that once you write a best selling series, you can write however the hell you want.
How Not to Write a Story

@blurredlines444 it makes me think of weird alien sci-fi
How Not to Write a Story

@BrooklinZ well of course we all do. I dress like a homeless man whenever I can. I'm just talking about scenarios like She's The Man and stuff,...
How Not to Write a Story

I think you should finish this one because I love it already, and then rewrite it again the way you think it should be but keep this one up...
Mr. Player, You've Just Bee...

Awwwwww... And then there's divergent. So about two exceptions. But high school is messed up
How Not to Write a Story