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I'm Cass, short for Cassandra. I have a really long name that you don't even want to know. Don't guess my age, I'm not that young and I'm also not that old. I like writing books. Well, I write them on papers since I'm too lazy to type them down. I like eating and exercising so I come to the point where I don't gain any weight. Haha. Don't guess my height, you'll be disappointed. Jokes. I'm a directioner and a belieber but keep the belieber part a secret because World War 3 might happen. I'm just taking some precautions. For the record, I deleted two of my books here already since both of it suck. I'm trying my hardest to make a new and better one. I'm a bookworm and a not-really-a-nerd with a stupid and silly attitude. I get high easily and upset as easy as I get high but I'm nice to people who's nice to me. So I quote, "My attitude depends on yours." About books, help me find great books and tell them to me because I would want to read it haha. I like romantic stuff but no boyfriends. My life. I'm friendly and weird or you could call it unique. 

See ya later :)

Read my book/s, comment and vote if you want to. I'll leave them up to you. I don't want to get anywhere right now, I just want some people to see my stories because it makes me happy.
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I'd Rather( The New Book)

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I'd Rather( The New Book)

you creep me out Jess... HAHAHAHA xd
I'd Rather( The New Book)

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