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Description: This is crazy and I'll probably regret this tomorrow, waking up with aches all over the place. But, fuck, I couldn't care less right now.

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A New Life

A New Life

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thoughts on what Calum said about the assault with Leslie and how it wasn't real? Luke saying he felt forced? is Calum or Luke right, why? 
Calum is not right. Yes, Luke was drunk and high but he was forced into having sex, he was ráped. If Luke was a girl, no one would question it, that's the sad part. He didn't say yes, he was nervous and drunk and he didn't know what to do. Calum is being a bítch thinking that guys can't get ráped. They can and they do.
carlyjoan commented on he - 1. groupies and shots

"How are you gay if you're always fucking girls?" Ashton takes a cigarette from his pack and lights it.
Well now I just imagined Ashton tasting food with his feet... Thanks