What is writing? Scratching down the random thoughts that is found inside my brain? Typing away in order to finish the next chapter in time?

Or maybe its the feeling of satisfaction when its finally released from your head and on a tangible piece of paper. The excitement of a fight scene. The sadness at goodbyes. The warmth of love scenes. The deep fulfillment when someone else enjoys your work. The eagerness to complete your goals.

For me, I've always thought of writing as the same as reading. The whole story is somewhere inside my head, and I'm reading it as I write it down.

Ask yourself... What is writing to you?
As for who I am... well, I'm a 16 year old girl who has an unhealthy obsession for Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, horses, dogs, photography, and writing. That is all. :)
I'd just like to thank you all for your constant support and comments on my stories! 

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Description: Lana is a regular human girl. It is 100 years after Eragon has defeated Galbatorix. In her world, she is taught that women can't do anything. They can't even have the chance to touch the dragon egg when it comes to their town. However, when the egg...

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Random Scribblings of a Wandering Mind

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I actually hadn't thought out who Nasuada married... whoops. Maybeeee Murtagh and her had a child together, but they were never married, because he couldn't bear to stay together knowing she would grow old and he wouldn't, being paralyzed and being able to do nothing as she withered with age. Wow. I might just add that in. Thanks for bringing that up!!
happy thanksgiving to all! Enjoy stuffing your faces with food, because I have fasted food all day in anticipation for tonight's dinner:D