I'm a 16 year old girl who has an unhealthy obsession for Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, horses, dogs, photography, and writing. That is all. :)
I'd just like to thank you all for your constant support and comments on my stories! 

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The First Female Rider (Bk. 1: Solron) [Eragon]

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Description: Lana is a regular human girl. It is 100 years after Eragon has defeated Galbatorix. In her world, she is taught that women can't do anything. They can't even have the chance to touch the dragon egg when it comes to their town. However, when the egg...


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Random Scribblings of a Wandering Mind

Random Scribblings of a Wandering Mind

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Short stories and poems~~

"In a year the changes should be complete. The physical features, however, develop much quicker in about four months," Arya explained. "It used to take much longer, but for some reason, after Eragon...
If you didn't catch it earlier, in my book, all of the human riders have been graced with Eragon's specialties since his changes. I know its a variation from the real series, but I'm writing this for fun.