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Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of ButtercupsBabii

Now for starters yall may call me buttercup or just tyi i perfer tyi .. Its simple and easy to remember

Now about me ....
Im a wild child and i love love love reeses cups and starburst ^•^ yum yum 
Im 19 years old and headed to job corp 
I love to read and write (well obviously) lol 
My fave color is purple... No blue..... Ummm shoot i kinda like all neon bright colors
Rawr means i love you in dinosaur an 
To all my hater eases up on the mind tricks obe one kunobe yall dont know me lmao 
But anyway im real chill and laid back ya mean?
just bc i am black does not make me ghetto or a shit starter But if u decide to piss me off i will let you know in full detail exactly what i think of you 
Do not pre judge me if you do not like to be pre jugded yourself ...
Karma is a $@$$ and sometimes she can be a pretty one...sometimes.....
But anyway show me some love and i will show you some right back


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Tey can't seem to win for loosing. She's a young werewolf whose whole life has been turned upside down. Damien is a control freak. He is Alpha so its his was or the highwa... read more
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