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Name hmmm...damn, i forgot?
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hey you! yeah you...yes, you right there with the face who stumbled upon my page, guess what!
-My name is Kati, but my friends call me kiki so you can if you want...
-i love to tumble...i do it all the time it's what clears my mindd..i'm a retired gymnast
-i love to read...put it in front of me and i'll read don't be afraid to ask me to read your stories..except, i don't do good with horror...i'm one of those people who wakes up screaming for four months after one horror suckss
-i'm constantly listening to music or chillin with ma gang yo!
-if i could be anything..i'd be a ninja
-i get most of my inspiration from music
-i'm an alternative girl...with spinkles of classic rock mixed in...and topped of with a little wiz khalifa and kid cuddi
-i'm really shy in the beginning..i'm not usually one to start the conversation..usually, but once you crack the have a ball of craziness coming at youu
-if you need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to chat or PM me, i'd love to help or just talk:)
-my favorite quote is, "You have to get hurt. That’s how you learn. The strongest people out there, the ones who laugh the hardest with a genuine smile, those are the people who have fought the toughest battles. Because they’ve decided they’re not going to let anything hold them down, they’re showing the world who’s the boss."
-i have four best friends who i absolutely love to death.
-i love to party.....hell yeah to party rocking!
-i love making covers, if you want one please ask:) (check 'em out


Bless you!
thank you!
okay, bye love you, yes you right there that's right i just told you i loved you...i bet you feel special..well you should..there i go rambling again..i'm done(chris brown exit)
xoxo, bubbles


What's On My Mind?

What's On My Mind?

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 23, 2011
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You broke my heart. Now you want me back?

You broke my heart. Now you want me back?

20 parts / 43 pages, updated Sep 09, 2011PG-13Completed
Leah had the perfect life, she just gave her virginity to her boyfriend, Jacob Cooper, the hot shot of the school, her parents are madly in love, sh... read more
60,199 reads votes 517 comments 95
I'll Never Let You Go

I'll Never Let You Go

18 parts / 33 pages, updated Sep 06, 2011PG-13Video
Holly Mason is a world known pop singer at the age of twenty-one she’s still going strong. She’s also cocky, rude, and spiteful. Everything her younger sister, Kris... read more
8,490 reads votes 172 comments 50
Hope For The Hopeless (On Hold)

Hope For The Hopeless (On Hold)

5 parts / 10 pages, updated Jul 24, 2011RPictures
Liv’s past is a ghost that is constantly hunting her two years ago she moved to a new town with a clean slate. She finally has the popularity that she always ... read more
683 reads votes 23 comments 21
Make Me Fall For You(On Hold)

Make Me Fall For You(On Hold)

2 pages, updated Jun 08, 2011PG-13Pictures
Scarlet York was born and raised in Hawaii living with her best friend’s impoverished parents who did the best they could. Now, her adopted parents have passed... read more
167 reads votes 6 comments 2

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@ItsAddictive @besycullen @NicholeKnode okayyy!:D I will gladly write a sequal, but who's story do you want it to be sam's or jasemine's?!
You broke my heart. Now you...

@oaktree89 @Crushmoon @ItsAddictive uploaded:D thank you all so much! i hope you enjoy it:)
You broke my heart. Now you...

@oaktree89 omg! wtf is she thinking? some girls are just so easy to forgive...sorry i had to disappoint, but it'll make sense in the end:)
You broke my heart. Now you...