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Hi everyone! I really don't like bios because I never know what to put, soooooo here ya go

-my name is Kati and I'm 18
-I used to write a lot but I slacked off and now I want to start again
-please excuse my writers notes or let alone some of my writing mistakes in YBMH i was 14 at the time (it was an awkward stage)
-my favorite things in life are music(particularly country) and shopping
-I can't stand bugs and rude people 
-if you ever need to talk or have any questions I'll be more than happy to oblige

I hope you get the chance to check out some of my stories, and feedback is always appricated

Thank you for giving my pathetic bio a chance lol



Hope For The Hopeless

Hope For The Hopeless

6 parts / 13 pages, updated Jul 06, 2014PG-13
Liv’s past is a ghost that is constantly hunting her two years ago she moved to a new town with a clean slate. She finally has the popularity that she always envied. ... read more
798 reads votes 31 comments 21
You broke my heart. Now you want me back?

You broke my heart. Now you want me back?

20 parts / 43 pages, updated Sep 09, 2011PG-13Completed
Leah had the perfect life, she just gave her virginity to her boyfriend, Jacob Cooper, the hot shot of the school, her parents are madly in love, sh... read more
66,094 reads votes 610 comments 96
I'll Never Let You Go

I'll Never Let You Go

18 parts / 33 pages, updated Sep 06, 2011PG-13Video
Holly Mason is a world known pop singer at the age of twenty-one she’s still going strong. She’s also cocky, rude, and spiteful. Everything her younger sister, Kris... read more
8,962 reads votes 172 comments 50
Make Me Fall For You(On Hold)

Make Me Fall For You(On Hold)

2 pages, updated Jun 08, 2011PG-13Pictures
Scarlet York was born and raised in Hawaii living with her best friend’s impoverished parents who did the best they could. Now, her adopted parents have passed... read more
217 reads votes 6 comments 2

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You broke my heart. Now you...

@oaktree89 @Crushmoon @ItsAddictive uploaded:D thank you all so much! i hope you enjoy it:)
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