Just...a passion for writing. It's the only thing I'm good at, so I'll flourish here.

Things people say about me to my face:
--That I give good advice
--That I have soft hair
--I talk too much. 
--I'm "amazing, I'm funny, and I am myself"-Sienna

Things people say about me behind my back:
--I'm annoying
--I'm really annoying
--They're jealous and wish they were as nice as I am. 

Things that are true about me:
--I'm hyper
--I have soft hair
--I'm SHORT 5' 1"
--I give good advice (I think...I hope.)
--I hate math
--I suck at math
--I love art
--I'm good at art
--I WILL get around to writing X rated things....eventually...so watch out! (I will give warnings first:) {meaning watch out for chapter 5 of senses, and 10+ of a boys story!}
--And........gay love..................gotta protect it as much as you'd protect any other love <3
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Description: Taylor was just like any other seven year old in the world. Except of course for the fact that he had unexplainable powers. That not being enough his whole world is turned completely upside down when he is discovered as Taylor Daniel, the boy who wa...

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