Hi, my name is Bridget...you could probably tell that by me username.  So about me. Hmmm...
-I'm 19
-I love the color purple
-I love writing.   
-I don't talk much, so don't get offended if I don't reply to your messages. I'm just generally a quiet person.
-my stories are dedicated to all my fans, not just one person. I don't say that officially in my stories, but just so you know.

I LOVE getting comments from people. They motivate me to continue writing.  And don't forget to vote!!!
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Guys, I dont want any religious fights on my page or occur because of my story. All religions are equal...no religion is better than another. I happen to come from a family of christians, catholics, buddhists, and muslims. So please dont post anymore about this or I will delete it.

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Hey everyone!  It's been a while 'and I'm so sorry about that.  I never realized how many of you love my stories and I feel bad about not finishing some of them.  In all honesty, I need to reread my stories in order to finish them since it's been over a year...maybe 2...I'm not quite sure.  But don't worry! I'm going to stat writing again soon-ish.  And I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and messages.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time to reply to them all, but just know that I do read what you guys send!! I PROMISE!!

ThomasDrake1 posted a message to bridge16

are you going to continue the truth comes out story I really like it please continue it thank you

AngelofMusicForever posted a message to bridge16

Hi Bridget....I just wanted to say hi and that I just finished your TWSTH series and I really enjoyed them both...although I just wish that Anthony could have chosen who he really loved instead of plauing with both girl's hearts like he did.... anyway I have followed you cause I really enjoy your works and I can't wait to read more of them

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how old is the security guard in ur stalker book like 20s 30s 40s because that makes a BIG difference 

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You're really pretty!! Oh and I love your books, especially 'A cop is in love with me... A teenager'