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Treehouse Retreat

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Description: ❝After your stay here with us, you'll probably never going to want to leave.❞ At the end of the day, I realized one thing about this out of wack camp. Leaving, definitely wasn't going to be an option.

breakfast-at-tiffs commented on Flawed - 01

I really like this, and the characters, and the cover. I've seriously never been good at all at writing comments so bear with me here. haha. The transitions between sentences are really good. There was so much sass in it too. Like the 'cat got your tongue' 'no, but i think cat got your face' bit was funny! sense that's totally something I would say aha! Great start of the story :) can't wait for chap 2!
breakfast-at-tiffs commented on Headlights - 01 City

what, damn. I wish I could write 4 pages with that good of paragraphs/plot. 

Anyway, I like the cover and the title. I also like the mini quote at the beginning. It's from the 'welcome to new york' song right? :) I really like the descriptions and the long/short paragraphs because sometimes too long of ones get kind of boring but you had the right ones. ahah I'm excited to read on!