So apparently Wattpad is a thing again. It wasn't a thing for a while and its just suddenly a thing and like.. psh five people i know use it. sooo guess i'll try updating again. Been a while. Hope 

my stories are usually around the romance kinda feel if you're into that... 

and i'd love if everyone could spread my stories around. I've always wanted people to read what i write so if you like it. VOTE! and show your friends. Even if they dont have accounts just show it all around.
yeah... okay about me

favorite color: red
goal in my writing: to make someone shiver in that serious way when you read something good
fav music: alternative
Favorite word: Flamboyant (Which is also the word for a group of flamingos. jus sayin)

This "About Me" was so outdated i think it should be a hipster (ba dum ts)

Thats really all i have to say for now so just... fan me and i'll fan back or comment on a story that i should continue with.  Thanks so much ^^

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Watch Over Me

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Description: Chastity Loranger is a good for nothing, selfish, smoker, drinker, and all around rebellious sort of girl. She's been described as many things. Emo. Punk. A stoner. The only person she shows any respect would be her best friend Ethan. She’s clumsy...

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