- I'm panexual 
- I'm 15 years old
- I own over 400 manga
- I mainly write yaoi fanfiction
- I love talking with my followers or people who comment on my stories
- i love coca-cola vanilla 
- I take book requests depending on the fandom (If i don't know the fandom i might not read it)
- I truly love getting feedback on stories to hear what people think
- i cosplay
- I'm an otaku
- my laptops name is barricade, my old laptop was frenzy and my graphics tablet is Sideswipe 

~~I write for many things, venting, school, and fun. But I put the most effort into my works when I'm writing them for strangers. When I want these people whom I don't know to feel the PAIN I put my characters through. For them to break down CRYING when they realize that they can relate to my creations. Truthfully I want to INSPIRE people to express themselves in their writing. It doesn't take much, just the confidence to write that one page, that one poem, that one SENTENCE, and share it with a stranger. 
Sure you don't start as the best, but through time you ADVANCE, you develop your own writing style, you overcome old flaws, you CREATE your own world with writing. For that instance when people read your work, they aren't in reality. If they truly READ your work, they are in that world, that time period, that moment and they stand alongside you as they continue forwards on the journey you wrote out of your mind.
I want to be the person that people thank at least once to tell me that I inspired them to start writing. I know it's kind of selfish, but I want to be inspirational, I want to give people confidence in what they do. I'm not very strong. I'm very self-conscious of my writing, but I share it so I can hopefully make people SMILE. That's my dream. I want to make people smile as they WRITE or READ, make people feel moved by my words.
And to have been the person who made complete strangers come out of their shell to express who they TRULY are.~~
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