- I'm Pansexual
- I'm Agender (I don't feel like a boy or a girl )
- I also might be Antisexual
- I'm 16 years old
- I own over 400 manga
- I mainly write yaoi fanfiction (though i really want to write a yuri fic)
- I love talking with my followers or people who comment on my stories
- i love coca-cola vanilla
- I take book requests depending on the fandom (If i don't know the fandom i might not read it)
- I truly love getting feedback on stories to hear what people think
- i cosplay
- I'm an otaku
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Hosting his fear [Ohshc Yaoi/Shonen ai]

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Description: Tatsuya Raiden is your ordinary high school er. he enjoys art and music and goes to your average high school. but in one day that all changes, Tatsuya got a scholarship of art and music for Ouran private academy, a shcool for the rich and spoiled. O...


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Living In My Sister's Shadow [OHSHC]

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Phobia -OHSHC-

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Kiss The Cook [OHSHC]

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Ryota Isao was considered to be relatively normal by his peers. His family was wealthy and he lived in a...

bornpuppetdiedcrying commented on Heal Me (?) -OHSHC- - Prologue

@gegegem aw thank you!! im so glad you like thia new start! alot of things will be different but I think itll be for the better! and I have no idea how you could read about harou before! he was so bitter and angry! hopefully youll see lots of character development in the story to come