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Love to read! It's practically an addiction:)

And I may or may not be a 100 years old:P
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The Executioner's MaskChasing MemoriesMisconceptions & Consequences: Family Ties

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The projectiles are either babies, kittens, puppies, or severed heads.
The Robber Knight's Love

Awwww poor Rose. I get he's upset but this is too far. Theo should let her in like he made her let him in. Trust isn't a one way path. I never...
In her Shadow

Me likey this seven page chapter. I have been looking forward to Theo beating Evan's arse since the day he was introduced. I was honestly...
In her Shadow

Oh god I know that horrible feeling. I wrote-on my phone so it took half an hour- a comment a few weeks ago that was(no joke) 4 paragraphs and...
In her Shadow

Holy WOAH!!! That was so disgustingly cool. I feel like a 5 year old who just burned ants on the ground with a microscope.
FLOOD - Jotun Chronicles #3