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Love to read! It's practically an addiction:)

And I may or may not be a 100 years old:P
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Oh lordy. Can't Madame Simone help out? She knew Andre loved Jacqueline right? And that ending! Gerard must be heartbreaking to look at especially...
The Executioner's Mask

NOOOOOOO!!!! Of course the happiness doesnt' last. Of course. And I such hopes for Jacqueline living..
The Executioner's Mask

Merci, I've been battling a bout of food poisoning these past few days(still am actually) and combined with the work overload from school as the...
The Executioner's Mask

It seems Natasha fancies Alice;) I feel stupid for not noticing his name too Alice! I'm glad Cupid's on "our" side. He could be real nasty if he...
Goddess Unravelled

Well that was a perfectly awful ending! Hasn't my complaining taught you anything Erin? You honestly seem to like torturing your reader duckies...
Goddess Unravelled