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Love to read! It's practically an addiction:)

And I may or may not be a 100 years old:P
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The Executioner's MaskChasing MemoriesMisconceptions & Consequences: Family Ties

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Holy WOAH!!! That was so disgustingly cool. I feel like a 5 year old who just burned ants on the ground with a microscope.
FLOOD - Jotun Chronicles #3

Awww poor baby! Glad Harken is dead though. Mental instability + Power is never a good combination. It's like combining cucumbers and potatoes in...
A Witch's Curse

You did not deliver enough bang for the buck! A B+ for you (the plus because Theo). What a horrible person. I know a few people like Natalie and...
In her Shadow

Oh please. One look at my "doesn't thinks she's pretty but is actually a gorgeous model with one freckle" face, "feisty but secretly hurting"...
A Witch's Curse

No! I'll LET her have Theo and then I can take Carlos. It's a win-win! @NeverTrustaDuck
In her Shadow