Hello, fellow average Wattpader here! So anyway, here's my deal: because I'm awful at introducing myself, let me just dump a whole bunch of facts in organized bullets.
♪( ´▽`)  

• Music is my life source.

• Surprisingly, I'm quite a philosophical lad - you'll see it in my works.


~ My wonderful life consists of:
• Music
• Stories
• Bumming around
• Probably something significant

• My initials: K.T


• Obviously, I'm very immature for my age.

• For every story I write, I have a paranoia that someone already used the idea.

• Quoting and referencing is in my DNA.

• If my life was a show, the main song would be "Awesome" by Spose.

• Prussia is awesome.

• Keep in mind that I'm still trying to improve my writing skills, so excuse me if you're unhappy with anything I write. I'm not perfect, and I still have a long way to go. Also, this is my only account; if you see any of my stories or something suspiciously similar, please tell me right away.

Favorite Quotes:

❝If I were a cat, I could do whatever I want. Like, I could take a whole day just to lick my own balls.❞ - H.K

❝Have you been crying… without shedding a single tear?❞

❝What we fight, we become.❞ - AOT

❝Thou hath been Sehn'd, bee-yotch!❞ - QS!

❝That’s when I realized that life’s a funny little thing. It messes with you, it does you wrong, it curses you, slaps you down and kicks you in the balls just because it can. But then there are  those times when it picks you back up and dusts you off...just because it can.❞ - Just Friends

❝My words are my sword, my blade to wield
My head is my armor, my shining shield
My books are my army, ready to fight;
Now let's slay a dragon - HUZZAH!❞ - Kal

Derp /dərp/

1. Foolishness or stupidity.
2. Me ♪( ´▽`)
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Of Starbucks, Blushing Cashiers, and Batman Fist-fights

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Description: [Short Story] Two best friends find little surprises in a coffee shop.

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A Librarian's Little Problems...

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Miss Lauren has been noticing something odd about two of the libraries' regulars: day after day, they re...

bookloveforever commented on Baked Love (boyxboy) - Chapter 32

Cuppie I freaking swear you scared me half to death D:

My poor bae Giselle didn't deserve that...but it's nice she can still see the light. Get it? Ahaha, I'm cruel, I know.

On another note, you my friend...you know how to pull the heartstrings. I thought it was just Human but DAAAAAAAAAMN did this chapter get me. Hopefully fluff will come soon :D
bookloveforever commented on Beneath The Lies (bxb) - Puzzle Pieces

For a good second I seriously thought Callem had mated with someone else and he was the legit dad (unless that really is what happened.) So yeah, killer kids with cute faces and dark intentions.  Wonderful.

Overall I like this chapter! Kipper is pretty cute, Oliver is as awesome as ever and hopefully (HOPEFULLY) Ocar will come to accept *cough*even love*cough* Oliver. 

P.S. Forgive my awkward chopped comment (truth be told I was still flipping sh!t over my baby Lyric long before this, ahaha!)

P.S.S I'm sorry about your  friend. How're you holding up?