oh hhheeeyyyyy!
didnt see you there. :D.

thanks a lot for stumbling into my humble abode. *he said trying not to sound too creepy*

im an orgasmically sexy guy who has abs that can cut through rock, and babes and dudes in my arms 24X7.

yeahh... no. lol

im just just 19 year old skinny guy, who likes writing so much fluff and mushy, cheezy stuff,that i could probably eat myself. but that...my friend is called "cannibalism". and is in fact frowned upon. haha.

im a huge reader...
im a part of the Divergent fan base.
Im a part of the Hunger Games fan base.
im a part of the Happy Potter fan base.

well...lets just say this can take a while... hahaha.

but... there's nothing more i enjoy than writing "Boy Love" stories. GGGAAAHHH! guilty pleasure.
I am head over heels in love with "Sterek" and "Potato".

so...if you dont have a problem with my...utter awesomeness... please welcome yourself to read any of my worthless stuff. hahaha.
and it would make me happy. :D
so...thank you again for coming here...


For people who wanna say "hi" or talk to me about anything that pops into ur heads that ranges from explosive diarrhea to how to fight in prison:
My Kik : simba_smexythg (dont u dare laugh) XD.
Love u guys.
Peace out. ^_^
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-Recovery- posted a message to book_lover1
I saw on ur bio that u ship sterek and i wanted to know am i the only one who is counting down the days till the next season of teen wolf also am i the only one who cried when allison and aiden died one more thing am i the only one who cried thinking derek died on the season finale?