I love writting,Its my passion,I always have ideas so I show them on here. :) Rate 1-10 anyone, because I want to know if I need to work on my skills. (If you can ruin something of mine, my heart, my energy, at least just leave my uniqueness alone.) ~Forever Young
      Love me hate me and even leave me, but those memories still stay like a movie played with no ending.~Forever young
      Act like a lady, think like a BOSS.
      Meet those who fell in love with you, not those who  fell unto you.~Forever young
      Let stress control you, to make you cry, to give you heartache, to let it go of everything that used to make you smile, because theres someone better for you, to give you all that back.~Forever Young
      ~Forever Young
      ~The Rare People
      Confusing quotes that only I can interpret.
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