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I love reading stories about Romance, Fantasy, Werewolf, Vampires, and Boyxboy. I also love commenting on story's so if you need any suggestions or feed back ask me to read and i will. Also i don't lie in less I have to what I write back will be the truth so don't ask if you suspect me to lie. Like they say the Truth hurts but it only makes you stronger. 

These are some other things about me

1.I love the color blue.
2.I'm a sugar queen, Love sugar.
3.Dogs and wolfs are my favorite animals.
4.I wont to be a writer or something a long those lines.
5.I'm a big twilight and VA fan.
6. I have a dog named king That is the cutest puppy in the world.
7.I love vampire's and werewolf's they make life interesting.
8.My sign or signature is a blue rose.
9.I'm a tomboy and hate drama in real life, in story's it's a different mater.
10.I have blond hair and blue eyes that sometimes turn gray and sometimes turn green
11. I have the CRAZIEST friends alive but I love them that way.
12. I LOVE coke slushies, Swedish fish, and ranch sun flower seeds
13. I Hate my birth day (who would want to get older)
14. it's my dream to travel
15. I like country music

That's not my whole life but a little bit of it. 
I will look forward to reading your story's.

              Your Friend,
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can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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I'm conflicted on one hand I want him to get her back on the other he's a monster that I'm not sure should get her.
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that sucks that he left, I'm so confused now. Does that mean their over? Nothings going to happen between them? I was really rooting for them :(

PLEASE Upload this story I like this one too
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