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Name Lily Summers
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i am a werdio and proud of it. i often am temporarily insane thanks to annoying people.
music is my life! favourite artists include: Ed Sheeran, Adele, You Me At Six, Green Day, Muse, Paramore, Foo Fighters and many more...
i have always loved books and i can't understand why some people don't read. i also get annoyed when people are too materalistic.
i love my friends. they are awesome and i try to make them never forget it!
i hate eating fish, the colour orange and judgemental people.
i now feel like i am just having a go at everything now...
love singing, synchronized swimming, my sisters and history - ha english teacher that was almost alliteration.
my feet are cold no so im going to stop writing and buy some slippers :L
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@ameliasandy I don't really want to start an argument either and I understand that's what you believe. however can I just ask according to you...
One Friday Night

@ameliasandy actually no. attraction to other people is genetic. therefore if you are attracted to someone of the same gender it is also genetic....
One Friday Night

OK being gay is not a choice. its been proven that it's to do with genetics. you don't just change who you are...
One Friday Night

whooo we're all horny angry people. can I just say we all have our own opinions. why can't we just love each other instead of arguing - now that...
Haters Gonna Hate

hi sorry to butt in, just had to say - being gay is not a choice. its actually in their DNA which has been proven by scientists
Haters Gonna Hate