Heyy thanks for checking out my lame page out :D It's means the world to me, blah, blah...
      Anyways, I'm Kristen (I pointed out the obvi haha I know) and I'm 17 ;o  
      What Kristen Likes: 
      ♥ The beach
      ♥ Music :o <3333
      ♥ Myself (no ego but u.g.l.y=u gotta love yourself)
      ♥ Friends, fam
      ♥ Volleyball
      ♥ Cheerleading (CAPTAIN RIGHT HERE!!!)
      ♥ Guys (dicks not chicks ;D)
      ♥ My tiny, fat bulldog Rocky 
      ♥ One Direction w/ all my heart :3
      ♥ Gurtle, my beta fish (haha it's a sucky name, i know)
      ♥ Reading
      ♥ Writing...sorta...
      ♥ West Palm Beach, my home city (: 
      What I Dislike (only putting one):
      *Assholes. So if you're one and you have on your page "im fucking miserable, i dont care about your problems, im so blah blah blah" don't talk to me because i don't like downers like u. 
      ♥  @Adrian24 is my adri (i gave him his 1st nickname ;o) and he's really awesome n sweet;3 
      I'm not actually going to UF but I visit my sister sometimes and it's so cool!! It was the #1 party school last year and has great programs..and i'll stop being a nerd xD I'm nice and flirty and awesome so if you wanna talk, go ahead! Just as a warning: I bite. HArd (;
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