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LOVE screamo and heavy metal
I have a lot of shit in my life
I am myself, if u dont like it it's ur problem not mine
I <3 Asking alexandria Black veil brides Attack attack 3daysgrace, well pretty much any screamo/heavy metal band 
i want snake bites sooooooo bad
im too tall
i love coffee!
i love my eyeliner
i am me bitches! So dont try 2 change me!
love me hate me, just dont try 2 b lik me cuz u cant
i am obsessed with black!
fav holiday: Haloween, duh!
<3 reading nd writing but i can b really lazy and not do it
I LOVE snakes
Favorite quote: "dont call me emo or i'll cry big red tears of blood and i'll be dead and it'll be all ur fault"
My parents dont like that im goth and try 2 change me -_- @melberdeena18 is AWESOME
I HATE gameshows
I love the vampire diaries!
Love vampires!
Love Emo boys :3
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A goth story

A goth story

2 parts / 7 pages, updated Sep 14, 2013PG-13
Danny is the only gothic girl in her entire town and she's learned to live with it. One day she meets a boy named Alex and she can't help but stare at his pure gothic sexynes... read more
468 reads votes 21 comments 12
best friends? or more?

best friends? or more?

7 parts / 4 pages, updated Feb 24, 2013
As two best friends Joe and Madi realize that there is something more between them, they go through some tough decisions and following through on promises becomes very difficult, and the moms have a very strict perspective on things going on
36 reads votes 0 comments 0
Dylan and Zayne

Dylan and Zayne

8 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 02, 2013
Dylan has just moved thousands of miles away from her home on Portland Organ, to a small town in Wyoming named Duboise. Knowing no one and having no one to trust but her l... read more
68 reads votes 7 comments 1
<3 Alek and Me <3

<3 Alek and Me <3

27 pages, updated Aug 21, 2012PG-13Completed
This story isnt that good. (ten year olds would maiby like it) i wrote it when i was 12. It's not the best romance but its ok i guess
32 reads votes 1 comments 4
My Purpose

My Purpose

1 page, updated Aug 21, 2012
This is what happens when you kill with words x_x
30 reads votes 3 comments 5

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Thank you
<3 Alek and Me <3

Thanks :)
<3 Alek and Me <3

Thank you all! I'll update it ASAP! Love you guys!!!
A goth story

He's a dumbass!
Once again...