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Hey guys, my name is Sam but my friends call me Sami and I'm 16 years old :) I live in Scotland and I'm in love with Jeremy Renner and no 26 year age difference is not weird.I'm single 
Loves spy movies, paintballing and I'm a huge adrenaline junkie  :o
Love vampires and werewolves and hope that unicorns exist :o

Love watching movies, eating Ben and jerrys ice cream and  listening to music. Can't live without music. Wants to learn how to play the drums but my mum doesn't let me, says only guys play it.  I'm 50% random, 30% crazy and 20% sarcastic. You either love me or hate me but I don't put up with annoying people who thinks they are perfect. Im a very open minded person.

 Favourite animal is wolf cause they are soo pretty and one day hopefully get a white tiger cub ;) 

If u guys actually read all of that, u guys are awsome!!!

Love Sami xxx

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