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"I want to know why you call me angel" I said. He gasped and blushed slightly, I smiled reassuringly at him. He groaned. "No way, I'm not answering that." He whined giving me the puppy dog face that I couldn't resist. "Come on, you said you'd answer anything I wanted." I said encouragingly. He frowned and shook his head, ok try another tactic.
"Please" I said pecking his lips, "Please" I whispered kissing him again, "Please" I whispered again, he moaned and took a deep breath as I kissed down his neck.
"I call you Angel because, I honestly believe that God put an Angel on this earth just for me." He said cupping my face in his hands making me look at him.
I took in a shaky breath, so it was true what Pat said, "The first time I saw you I thought you were an Angel straight from heaven, you were so beautiful that you took my breath away, you still do, everyday." He said huskily.
- The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window
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