Stop stalking me!! JK ;]
      If you fan me you will be part of my duckkie army and then you could help spread my army so I can take over the world and then give it to Matt Goode YAH
      U know that 1 person u just wanna hug the crap out of yah I'm that person :)
      I am a fan of BackInBlack
      Im random 2 amuse my friend
      I don't get scared of horror movies or stuff like that
      I gots ADD n m proud of it :)
      NEVER GIVE IN!!!
      I'm Joey Graceffa's phsyco grandchild (what fans are called) he's on YouTube 
      I'm a vegetarian
      I don't care if you are a prep emo goth or anything else because you are going or have gone through something that made you this way
      I'm team Nico DeAngelo
      I hate fakes
      I have anger issues some times. Some times I just don't feel like living but I wouldn't kill myself cuz I know My favorite bands wouldn't want me to not my cuz of my fam even tho they no want me 2. 
      I luv Nikki Minaj , Eminem , idiots , my fam , Taylor swift , Jacob black, All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Edward cullen , etc.
      I luv music 
      everybody tells me to shut up and it's mean
      I'm supper lazy and would rather be sleeping than listen to teachers talk about stuff I'll probably need to know later in life but am too 'me' to actually listen
      I don't have only one style of clothing but luv the emo style (my mom hates emos style cuz she thinks they ALL cut n stuff but 
      I love it but I can't wear it so I settle on skaterish) 
      Imma be a ninja one of these days and prove all the people wrong 
      I'm okay w/ gay ppl
      I don't really get close to people even my friends because I'm afraid of being betrayed 
      My birthday is june 19
      I have a bro n 2 sistas 
      I love ghost shows and I love the show Supernatural 
      [ ] single [ ] taken [+] married to a famous person in my mind
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    In Naruto kissing Kakashi and Itachi
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    4 years ago

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