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icon22_fb.png Beth. 

If you have read my username I guess you already know that but since I have no clue what to write on this it usually uses some space. 

Okay so things you need to know about me, I love reading and writing [obviously] but kinda lazy so I might have no regular posting times for my books, but that's not always bad after all sometimes I post twice or three times a week. My books will mostly be fantasy/ paranormal but sometime in the future I plan to write a non-fiction or a normal fiction book.

My favourite colour is lilac and am a music/ movie / coke / nutella addicts - were talking about the drink here. Other than that  I make covers so I have another account so if you need covers  follow this link

oh and if you want to see the things i have made so far here it... make sure you look at all the albums :D

Cheers guys


Thank you Fans 

500( )

© Betlehem Fekade, 2011


Omegle Pad

Omegle Pad

6 parts / 6 pages, updated Jun 03, 2012RCompleted
2,381 reads votes 36 comments 22
OMG my book has a crazy title FML!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG my book has a crazy title FML!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 parts / 10 pages, updated May 28, 2012PG-13Completed
Admittedly Wattpad is the greatest website for sharing stories but it has come to my attention that there are some things that seriously bug me about Wattpad so I decided to create a little rant book about the things I don’t like. Enjoy.
3,322 reads votes 174 comments 159
Burning Fire

Burning Fire

9 parts / 23 pages, updated May 24, 2012PG-13
The sudden death of her mother leaves Kara Phoenix devastated but the discovery of her father throws her ever more. Especially when the reason behind why her mother had runawa... read more
1,920 reads votes 133 comments 68
The Apocalypse Scenario

The Apocalypse Scenario

5 parts / 15 pages, updated May 09, 2012PG-13
Here is a quick history lesson its 2029 and the world has descended into chaos. The rich had built a gate around inner city of every major city in the world leav... read more
405 reads votes 21 comments 7


2 pages, updated Apr 29, 2012PG-13Completed
First day at school is always hard especially if you are the only non-human in a school full of humans
62 reads votes 6 comments 4
The Nymph Queen -  ON HOLD -

The Nymph Queen - ON HOLD -

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 16, 2012PG-13
Levanna Lilith Lucian had always been an orphan, found on a church step when she was just a day old, she was raised in Hanwell Academy for the gifted. A school for... read more
985 reads votes 48 comments 31
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this story is like a good weird mix of mythology and modernity. It's awesome although i think you could use with a new cover if you want i will...
Achilles: Pepromene

one thing I would advice is describe a bit, set the setting rather than pure dialogue
Achilles: Pepromene

Man i love mythology and this take on Achilles is refreshing :D
Achilles: Pepromene

this deserves a hell lot more reads than it got... its brilliant
She's A Horseman