Whats up? up,up,up,up,up. [No? Ok]
      bestandbaddestfemale here! 
      Im a New Yorker and I LOVE IT!
      Just for the heck of it: 
      ~I love cookies and chocolate----the best bribe factors
      ~Im loyal, dedicated, evil, a dare devil and a joker. 
      ~Reading and writing are both my stress relievers- My tylenol and my Advil.... 
      ~Im a leader.....I dont like following stupid Trends =/ 
      But dont be fooled, Im actually pretty nice =]
      ~And I am a Muslim. And I am Proud. And I am Happy.
      ~Im a Random Person! Cuz Im cool like that! :))
      Cookie Dough Ice Cream <3
      Talk to me. IM LOVABLE! (Naw Realz, I am.) xD
      ~I Love meeting new people =)
      ~I love any kind of music as long as its good, My favorite include: There for Tomorrow, NLT, The Downtown Fiction, The Fray, Paramore<3, BoB, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco<3 
      I love Kpop: 2ne1, Bigbang, Shinee, MBLAQ, B2st, SUJU, B.A.P.
      ~Im a kpopaholic-- (No, seriously, yo. Not healthy.)
      Bigbang and 2NE1 <3 
      Black veil Brides <3
      Andy Sixx<3 
      Chase Crawford<3 
      Ian Somerhalder<3 
      Nick Wechsler<3 
      KIM beom^_^ 
      I speak two languages and Im in the process of learning two more. 
      I know Karate so I like to Karate Chop my way out of situations. {I feel like a ninja!}
      My Stories: 
      1) You Dont Need a Wishing Star For a Dream Come True---Updating. (The Title's a mouthful, I know). 
      2) Once Upon A Psycho-----On Hold; trying to get my thoughts wrapped up.
      THE BEST AND BADDEST FEMALE-------signing out *
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Once Upon A Psycho(On Hold Till Further Notice)

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Description: Sylvia Gold had her whole life planned; she was going to go to a prestigious college, date the best man, and have the perfect life. But the event of one night turns her life upside down, sending her to Highlander High for the Troubled. Join her as s...

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You Dont Need A Wishing Star For A Dream Come True~

You Dont Need A Wishing Star For A Dream Come True~

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*Fanfiction* ~~Chaerin, Minji, Bom, and Dara are 4 regular girls. Childhood friends, never to be separat...

bestandbaddestfemale commented on Number 5 - Chapter 28 pt. i

I use the corner of my t shirt to wipe away the tears from my puffy eyes. All the crying has really expended all of my energy. Combined with the events of today, my eyes are basically shutting themse...
This story is perfection
bestandbaddestfemale commented on Number 5 - Chapter 28 pt. i

He turns to face me. His eyes dark eyes are piercing and clouded with emotion. "Do you want to know what it is like for me Elle? It is like not being able to think clearly. You haze every thought I h...
Awweee ❤
bestandbaddestfemale commented on Number 5 - Chapter 22

Carson sighs again and I can see the despondency in his eyes. "Ellie he's not coming. At the moment, you're considered a prisoner in this dwelling."
Are you flipping serious. Thank you for murdering my feelings
bestandbaddestfemale commented on Number 5 - Chapter 22

Instantly, I'm filled with the same dread I was earlier...or in my dream. I feel almost numb from feelings of loss of a reality I wanted so badly. My mind tricked me into thinking everything could be...
OH.HECK.NO. this is really cruel oh my poor heart I cant read what happens next I'm scared ok *crai*