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I'm a young writer, living in London.  I have written all my life but have only ever had my factual work published - I write fo a number of national publicatiosn on the topics of current affairs.  However, this is purely for my fictional work.  I enjoy delving around in the subconscious and exploring more adult themes, as well as spinning entire stories out the tinest of small experiences.  In my spare time, I obviously love to read.  I have a degree in history so am a bit of a history buff and enjoy museums, galleries, castles, things like that...  I love exploring London and finding nice places to eat.  I currently live with my partner and am enjoying life post-university; just finding my feet, settling down and starting to take my life more seriously. I grew up in bonnae Scotland and am fluent in Scots - you may notice some of it in my work.  Its a dying language and I like to do my bit to preserve it.  My background to my profile is Monet.  I like art :)

The following writers really do it for me:
Neil Gaiman
Joanne Harris
Henning Mankell
Justin Cronin
Philip Hoare
Steig Larson
Simon Schama
David Starkey (when not opening trap about matters other than tudor history)
Susan Butler
Amanda Foreman
Antonia Fraser
Vladimir Nabokov

Poem-wise:  Steven Berkoff and Philip Larkin float my boat.

I also dabble in 1950s pulp fiction.

Not a fan of chick lit.  ;)


The Story of Comma (he's totally like Fullstop but so totally different.)

The Story of Comma (he's totally like Fullstop but so totally different.)

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Stardust and Gold

Stardust and Gold

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