♥ I write under a pen name -- Ada Wiam. I'm from Mars. Okay you got me. I am actually from India, but I wish I were from Mars. 
♥ I am a self-confessed chocoholic and a bookworm. Can't live without those.
♥ I love reading, next to writing, dreaming, sleeping and of course, like most of my characters, I love eating, as well. I am a lazy procrastinator. 
♥ I have an unused electronics and communication engineering degree. I am married and in love, of course with my hubby.
♥ I am a proud Muslimah. If you want to learn about Islam, PM me, you won't regret. And please, don't judge Islam by Muslims. Muslims are not perfect (they are as human as everyone), but Islam is.
♥ I speak Tamil.

Thanks for taking your time to stalk ;) Just kidding. ♥

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Tata. Peace. Salam.

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Lostinecho posted a message to bellasonline
Hello to you missy.
Just done reading your HAW..and hell! awesome is an understatement! trust me :)
I was kinda busy for this past few days so I didn't get the chance to vote for it..but after this I assure you I will! So don't ya worry. I just read it when I have spare time. ya know school can be really demanding sometimes. (roll eyes here)
 I love Alex 'n Logan so much! Haha
Lookin forward for your other books!!!
Dear wattpadders, (and fans of The deal with Mr.Player), How I won the love deal is now available on your favorite bookstores like Kobo, Nook, iTunes, Inktara and Scribid. You can download the book on your device and read it on the go, wherever you are. Isn't that great? :-) 

If you have loved reading Liana and Asher's love life, their childhood friendship, their rivalry at wattpad, I am sure you'll love the edited version of the DEAL. Help a fellow writer out by buying her book and reviewing it. 

Ps. If you have a book blog, and are willing to write an honest review the book on various platforms (like goodreads, kobo, amazon kindle, scribid, nook etc.), you can drop by my facebook page: http://facebook.com/AdaWiam and pm me for a free reviewer copy. Your help is much appreciated. 

Xoxo, Ada Wiam aka bellasonline. 

Oh and Thank you for sll the support I have recieved.
@mc_manticore  yes it is. I have also mentioned it in the profile. however I am 'posting sample chapters, soon. - How I won the love deal' wait for it:-)  it is published as e-book, by crescobooks.com