Yes, that's me in the profile picture, in case you were wondering. 

Anyways, I don't really know how to start these kinda things, but here is my currently favorite quote.

"But our lives will only ever continue to be a balancing act,, that has less to do with pain, and more to do with beauty." - Shane Koyczan.

I like inspirational quotes. A lot.

Libraries are my sanctuaries. I would live in one, if possible.

Apparently it's hard for my family to believe that I actually spend whole days in my room reading and not surfing the 'net. I am, unfortunately, the only one in my family with an obsession with books.

Story Excerpts!

One and Only

"See?" He poked his stomach again and looked up at me, smirking, "It's all muscle, baby."
"You sure?"
"I'm pretty sure!" he exclaimed and went back to poking his stomach.

"Can I give you a hug?" he asked.
"Because I feel lonely."

"If I do everything, what are you gonna do?"
"Watch you," he said.
"Watch me? Like a crazy stalker?"
"No, when I watch a girl, it's hot."

"Are you," I raised my fist, "mocking me?"

(Yeah, I like Noah a bit more than Jade)

Bruises of Risk

"How often do you have these 'visions'? he asked, sitting on one of the highchairs. "Cause it's pretty creepy when you just lay there with a different eye color each time just staring without blinking even once."

I grinned wickedly and punched his cheek. "That was for the morals thing." I punched his nose. "That was for the kick." I punched his nose. "And that's for always being an ass."

Make Me Yours

"It's true. I like the ones that look innocent, like you, beautiful." His eyes bore into mine and a knowing smile kissed his lips. "They tend to be wilder."
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One and Only

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Description: "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive. But I couldn't, I just couldn't. "I-I can't, I'm sorry." I started running away, wipin...


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Bruises of Risk

Bruises of Risk

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I felt him behind me, dangerously close. His hands clenched the granite counter on either sides of me. I...

Make Me Yours

Make Me Yours

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When Shay's parents offer her and her two best friends to go on an around-the-world cruise after their g...

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R-Rated Scenes

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All the r-rated scenes from my stories.

I made cereal for myself and ate it really fast. I decided to take my car today because I did not feel like walking. My legs hurt from all the dancing Noah and I did yesterday.
Hey! I had an editor for a short while and she changed all of my contractions to be spelled out and I never noticed until a little while later. Anyways, I don't trust editors anymore but I'm too lazy to go back and proofread the whole story, so yeah.
believe96 commented on Untouched - |eikosiokto|

As he rocked her, sobbing desperately, he realised that she had died before—and like Ares had stated, it had been his entire fault. Every wrongdoing that occurred to Ariel, Hades had some sort of p...
Am I missing something? Hades fûcking gave up his title as King of the Underworld and died so that Ariel would be safe! And when she died before, that had been her own fault. How was he responsible for her having a bad dream about him and Persephone and then not being able to piece together that it was just a dream. Plus, Hades even tried to not be stuck together in his castle. It was the gods who forced them together. I just think everybody needs to take a chill pill and look at it as it is.
believe96 commented on Gabriel - |chp. 9|

I don't think there's an emotion you haven't made me feel while reading this story. It's seriously amazing and has given me a book "hangover" even though it isn't even done. All I can think about all day is when you'll upload and what the future holds for Shaye and Gabriel. Whether it's happy or sad, I know you'll write it beautifully!
believe96 commented on Gabriel - |chp. 8|

This story is truly amazing! I can honestly say it's one of the best werewolf stories I've ever read. Along with a great plot, your writing is fantastic, the descriptions of scenes and feelings, especially, are depicted to pinpoint perfection. I hope you update soon, I can barely contain my anticipation!