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8 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 08, 2012PG-13
When Dr Hayden Atkinson asks a patient a simple question he never expected a lecture. Nor did he expect a horror story. Unfortunately for him he got both, but the pretty girl he got makes up for it, even though she's a little strange, doesn't it?.
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Addict to the Song

Addict to the Song

1 page, updated Jan 05, 2012Completed
Sometimes dancing so much is like an addiction.
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@hipstertomlinson God, I'd forgotten about this, haven't updated in forever. I feel bad now :/ There's one more part, and I'll upload soon,...

I meant to say this, when you just posted it up, but I actually wasn't logged in and I'm so lazy, but; IUFGDHIFHDFJKDHFDFGDJFHDGJFDHFD dear god,...
Zayn and Niall: Everybody N...

dkfjhgsfkjhfdjhfgdjfhdgfdjhfdf I haven't talk to you a long while babe, and I miss you, also I was wondering the other day when you were going to...
Zayn and Niall: Everybody N...

Oh my god, all my feels. This is beautiful and ugh, just adshjdhskd. I love the way you are playing with time, skipping back and forwards. And...
Niam: What Hurts The Most

You are an amazing writer, you really are. This is just beautiful, and the way you write is just stunning. The description of hope is wonderful....
Zayn and Niall: Everybody N...

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