Hi, my name is Sophia.
I'm your typical cool kid if you know what I mean. I'm that really aggravating kid in the back of the plane that kicks your chair. I'm that one annoying kid from Polar Express with the glasses. I'm the kid that sits in the back of class throwing paper airplanes and actually laughing at all the teachers jokes that no one else seems to get for some reason. Basically I'm that kid that most people ignore and when i say 'hi' in the hallways you just turn your head and pretend you didn't see me.
I have no talents whatsoever. I can't play sports, instruments, or board games. When i sing i sound like a dying camel and when i laugh i sound like a hyena. I really can't help it. But for all that i lack i make up for with a kick-ass personality.
I'd say I'm pretty bad-ass. For example, on free Slurpee day I filled my cup with iced coffee. It wasn't free iced coffee day. So, as you can see I'm a rebel of sorts, a delinquent if you will.
I am also all talk and no walk. But, we can't have it all, can we?

Other than that i'm just a chill, broke college kid. I work at an ice cream shop and get asked if i'm sick of ice cream yet on the daily. i like writing shitty romance stories. also, i'm a biochem major so writing is not really my forte so to speak. basically everything i've ever written on here was when i was in high school so please no judgement. i'm in a pretty cool relationship w/ a pretty dope dude who has not only a cat but a dog as well and what more can a girl ask for really?
also, i'm sorry if i never reply to you. i usually don't get any notifications if anyone messages or comments or writes on my wall and sometimes i'll see one but it's from like, 5 months ago and i'm like....oooohh now it's awkward haha but i swear you're great and it's me that sucks and that's why i never replied but that being said....
Feel free to message me/hit me up I swear I'm nice and friendly

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Lol sorry that she doesn't want to do something wrong and help you out of your own personal problem. Bye ✋
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Alexa had the same determination in her eyes as Grace did the day of hockey tryouts all those months ago. She wasn't going to give up without a fight, and maybe that was a good thing.
Why is she even there. How's he not gonna be mad about the way she was w grace. BYE.