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Location in england with my 5 boyfriends ;)
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Things u should know about me:
1) my hobbies-dancing, swimming, stalking 1D ;) 
2) i love gummy bears :3
3) my music taste is 1D, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, JB, Olly Murs... 
4) my favourite colour is red 
5) sugar makes me hyper XD
6) i love shoes (especially TOMS) 
7) Cher Lloyd is my idol and role model :)
8) my friends and family r my life 
9) i talk A LOT!!!!
10) i will never stop being a directioner: forever <3

If ur looking 4 a 1D fanfic to read, here r some amaZAYN ones that u should really check out... 

The Killing Game by LoveLikeLiam1D
Two Tamed Minds by FanfictionGnome
Love to Hate You by UpAllNightWith1D
Kryptonite by willingtofall
Hailey Styles by yololove

Love Again by a_Paige_a
One Direction <3Romance <3

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Love to Hate You (A Harry Styles Love Story)Gotta be YouCyberspace (A Zayn Malik Love Story)(Completed)Hailey Styles (In Editing)

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Niall's POV.. i wanna knw what he feels about the whole situation btw team nook :) xx
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I love this story... really unique :) ur a fantastic writer xx
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This book is awesome.... it helps a lot ;) ur a genius im grateful to you for posting this guide :) thanks agin, ill be waiting for the next ...
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