Status: i retitled desert ghost to killer hunter and also its chapters (2 months ago)


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Hi. I am new to writing/ typing novels. I just realize that I write fan fictions of anime or anything that is of interest to me.

I think my only favorite author is Tom Clancy because of his action stuff

But overall i like action


Watch_Dogs (Short Story, Fan Fiction)

Watch_Dogs (Short Story, Fan Fiction)

3 pages, updated Apr 17, 2013Completed
This is based on the 2014 upcoming release for the PS4. The location is the same but the actions and locations may be similar but different.
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Its good. But somehow you repeated the entire paragraph.... Love the premise dude =)
Always vigilant

@TeenTitan65 Because I'm a gun lover. I just wish your people could respect the second ammendment
The Jonathan Show!!! :D

Semi- automatic rifles is the response when the ATF band the assault rifle It is considered to be a rifle but it fires one bullet for every pull...
The Jonathan Show!!! :D

The reason why the AK-47 rifles are very controversial is because it is the only assault rifle that has selector that puts it into semi and full...
The Jonathan Show!!! :D

Actually, the definition of a gun is a weapon that can fire a projectile in high velocity from a barrel. That includes the pistol and the...
The Jonathan Show!!! :D

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